Artists are always searching for new ways to present their works. They experiment with different media and techniques, from tattoos and cave paintings to unconventional methods like using rockets to paint the sky with colors. In this creative pursuit, internationally renowned pop artist Steffen Kindt has developed an exciting series of art prints available on textiles. Kindt paraphrases Mel Ramos, but with the difference that Kindt has dressed his pin-up girls. Now you too can become an art lover and collector. (Go to Page “The Art Shop”)

In order to dive into Steffen Kindt’s art world, Steffen Kindt created a “ArtBook” with over 350 pages of art. Just leaf through the book a bit or take your time and let yourself be inspired, it’s worth it. And together with a few copywriters and their artistic ideas, Steffen Kindt has practically succeeded in making a small art book out of it. (Download here)

Who is Steffen Kindt and has the art world become richer through him, you can find out under “The Artist”

You can find out a lot about Kindt under “Press”. Did you know he was indexed twice?? No? Read more here.

Steffen Kindt recovers with pin-up girls. He takes his time with them and always returns to them when stress sets in, going so far as to paraphrase the American artist “Mel Ramos”. Look for yourself.

Steffen Kindt occasionally takes part in censored exhibitions and is proud of the recognition he has received. (Submission)

He even got himself an art shop. Fine Art Posters of his works are sold here. The prices are moderate and… – it’s best if you take a look inside

Inspiration image.


Steffen Kindt has making a small art book out of it. (Hier geht es zum Gratis Download)

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