...every now and then,
the Bild newspaper hits the nail on the head.

Despite the fact that Steffen Kindt always makes his artworks accessible to the public, his exhibition spaces remain continuously well-attended. The clear demand for free posters and catalogs is omnipresent. Kindt’s catalog itself is a true eye-catcher: over more than 300 pages, it offers an in-depth look at his works, inviting inspiration.

Whether it’s his colorful PopArt or the latest collection of pin-up girls, the audience continuously applauds him. His fine art pieces have also been widely acclaimed.

It remains a mystery whether this is the reason why Kindt has now decided to offer the extensive catalog as a free PDF download. When asked about it, he merely responds with a smile.

The Art of Steffen Kindt

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The Art of Steffen Kindt