When Steffen Kindt was admitted to the “Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling”, Frederik Lindskov, Chairman of the Board, KE wrote: “Anyone who gets works through the censorship can rightly call themselves an artist, because the panel as a representative of the art scene is a well-qualified community.” Now, however, it is not the case that Steffen Kindt walks around calling himself an artist, on the contrary. He walks quietly through the door. His attitude is that his pictures should speak for themselves.

Steffen Kindt, who was born in Berlin, received his education at the art school in Hamburg. After 8 semesters at the school, he worked at various international advertising agencies such as ArtDirector and came to Copenhagen in the 70s, where he helped to shape the Danish advertising image. He visualized many advertising campaigns over some years, international as well as national. But as digitization gained more and more ground, he decided to continue his visual prowess. He started painting, and got his first public exhibition in 1989.

After that, many exhibitions awaited and until today, Steffen Kindt has exhibited in Scandinavia, Germany, England, France and the Netherlands, among other places. Highlights include the Artists ‘Autumn Exhibition, the Artists’ Easter Exhibition in Kunsthal Århus, the Nordic Salon in Helsingborg, the Forum for Art and Architecture in Essen, the No Barking Art Berniale in London, and the Berlin List in Berlin.